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BACKFLOW PREVENTER ASSEMBLY TESTING - We can test all types of backflow assemblies including double check valves, reduced pressure principle backflow assemblies, Pressure Vacuum Breakers, and more. We offer discounts for multiple tests at one location. We can also schedule an annual test or reminder if it would be more convenient for you.

BACKFLOW PREVENTER ASSEMBLY REPAIR - In the event of a failed test we can repair your backflow assembly to get your business back up and running as soon as possible. We are well aware that time is money and you need to have your water system functioning all the time.

IRRIGATION SYSTEMS INSPECTION AND REPAIR - We can keep your system working at peak efficiency with an annual maintenance program and performing any repairs as needed. We have years of experience in this area and can do an excellent job of maintaining your system for you so that you don't have money flowing down the drain every time you run your sprinkler system.​

Just a word of advice: You don't have to have us take care of your system, but whoever you choose make sure they are licensed to do sprinkler repairs in the state of Texas. (If they don't have a license number on their truck they probably are not licensed) We have seen too many people over the years get taken for a ride by a fly by night sprinkler repair guy that in the end really didn't have a clue. If they are not licensed it is probably because they don't know enough about irrigation to get the license.

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